The weather this time of year can drive you crazy.  Early mornings start cold by lunch time the temparature can have risen to a summer’s day. Leaving work the temperature is dropping and beginning to feel nippy.   We are constantly worrying about…what to wear…what to wear…cold, warm, cold aaah!   Layers are definately the best clothing solution. It could also be time to consider buying a cape or blanket coat. They can be pulled on and off as and when you feel the need…easy to carry and bang on trend.  Some of you may be tempted to wear them even if it is 24 degrees.

With a variety of capes and blanket coats in different shapes and prints on offer. Remember to choose one that also suits your body shape.

A striped or check capes are good for those of you who are narrow on the top half of your body. They will help give the illusion you are broader on the top.


  A.Chloe                            B.Gucci

For those with a big bust and a wider waistline then it is possibly not the best choice. Choose a plain coloured cape or blanket coat worn loose without a belt.

Belted capes


      A. Topshop            B. Michael Kors         C.Jigsaw
If it is your bum and thighs that are the widest part of your body and you don’t want to draw attention to this area. I would advise you to make sure you choose a cape that finishes on your hips or longer than the widest area.

If you have a definite waist…wearing your cape or blanket coat with a belt is a must!



             A. Jaegar                   B. Jaegar       C. Stella McCartney

The capes below are ideal for those of you who have been blessed with a big bust and are generally bigger on the top half of your body. You can undo the buttons or zips at the front for a more flattering look.


                        A.Joseph     B. Reiss     C. Paul & Joe