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Autumn has arrived and as the days are not quite freezing cold yet why not cover yourself with a jumper cape it is just the thing to keep you warm. You can wear a skinny long sleeve polo neck tshirt underneath to add a little warmth. I love this monochrome outfit with a splash of burgundy. It’s also time to take full advantage of the super skinny leather (faux leather) pants before they disappear from your favourite shops for good.

Here are a few good brands to choose from this season faux/leather trouser look faux.

Black Faux Leather











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Be prepared for your wardrobe soon to be graced with wide and bootleg trousers. Most of the high street shops are now stocking them. If you have wide hips try not to choose a figure hugging tight fit bootleg, choose a bootleg that is slightly loose on the thigh. Better still try the wide leg trousers on offer they will look fabulous and make your legs look longer.